Roy Collings

Roy Collings

Senior Mutual Funds Advisor - iA Private Wealth, Insurance Advisor* - iA Private Wealth Insurance Agency

Roy came from a military family that was lucky enough to be posted to Comox when Roy was very young. They stayed in Comox where Roy would graduate from high school and soon after meet and then marry the love of his life Deb. Roy owned a men’s clothing store in Courtenay for many years before expanding to Campbell River. The stores were closed in the mid 1990’s and Roy began his career in the financial services business. First as a life insurance agent, Roy and a partner started their own firm called Glacierview Financial. In 1997, Roy gained his mutual funds licence and he decided to start his own branch of Fortune Financial which was located in Comox. When Fortune Financial was bought out by Dundee Securities, Roy moved into the Courtenay office in the Braidwood Mall. After many years with Dundee Securities, the company was bought out by Scotia Capital and by Industrial Alliance Securities Inc. when it became iA Private Wealth.

Along with maintaining a steady professional career, Roy made sure to stay involved with the community and the lives of his children. His involvements include coaching community football for ten years, President of CV Raiders for five years, and President of Mall Merchants Association for five years.

Roy holds himself to a high professional standard and commits many hours to his individual clients, tracking their portfolios against market trends. He considers himself a pro-active advisor and is willing to suggest multiple changes within the year as the market dictates. While many advisors choose a set portfolio and tend to leave their investments for long terms, Roy takes the opposite approach by suggesting to move money around where he believes it will do best. He keeps himself involved in the lives of his clients and is willing to meet with them as often as they are comfortable.

* Insurance products are provided through iA Private Wealth Insurance Agency which is a trade name of PPI Management Inc. Only products and services offered through iA Private Wealth Inc. are covered by the Canadian Investor Protection Fund.



“When I first moved to the beautiful Comox Valley 11 years ago I felt unsatisfied with the return on my investments that were either with a local bank or invested with my company plan. A co-worker suggested I could talk to Roy Collings with whom he had developed a trust in the handling of his own savings and investments planning. 

My account is far from grand yet I still feel that I’m taken care of as though I were family!

I appreciate the consistent monthly reviews by Roy personally to see if we need to make any adjustments in a constantly changing market. Roy takes the time to explain his observations and be sure I’m comfortable with adjustments to my account.”

– Jill K.

“I’ve been a client of Roy Collings at iA Private Wealth for close to 20 years. My husband and both of my sons saw the incredible care and attention that Roy has taken with my account, and they have also moved their money over to Roy. Even though I only started out with a very minimum amount of money, Roy took care of me as if I was his richest client! We’re all incredibly happy with how he’s handled our investments over the years, and would recommend him to anyone. Thanks Roy and iA Private Wealth!”

– Linda M.



Roy Collings has looked after my investments for more than 10 years.  Before I met him my experience with Financial Advisors had been less than pleasurable.  My portfolio was switched from agent to agent within a large company – and I was never contacted or invited to meet my new agent.  In fact I was never phoned or contacted unless I initiated a call…..until I decided to move my account.  Then I was hounded for a while. I moved my portfolio to Roy on the recommendation of a friend and I was impressed immediately with his manner of communication and his insistence that I discuss my file with him on at least a quarterly basis.  In fact, we meet much more frequently.  He keeps me informed of market changes and recommendations with regards to my funds.  He listens to my concerns and my financial requirements.”

– Heather H.



“I met Roy Collings in the year 2006 and he has been  my financial advisor for the past 10 years. I quickly realized that he is skilled in his field and that I could trust him to handle all my financial investments. Roy set up and manages my portfolio in accordance to my needs. I came to him with only a few financial resources but over the years he has built my financial portfolio up to a level such that now I can withdraw a monthly wage that keeps me living comfortably. I especially appreciate that Roy explains financial terms and procedures in a way that I can understand. He is always up front and honest about the workings of the accounts. Another point that I think is very important is that once a month we have a meeting  so we can review  my investment funds and do any investment changes that may be needed. I appreciate Roy’s dedication and skills and will keep him as my financial advisor and in charge of my financial future for as long as he will do this work for me.”

– Verna-Gean



“I have been a client of Roy and Mark for 10 years, during this time I have pursued a variety of careers across Alberta and British Columbia. Both Mark and Roy have actively engaged me in all aspects of my investments providing very timely and dependable advice.
As I begin my transition into retirement I look forward to continuing and enjoying this excellent relationship.”

– Peter E.