Mark Nichol, BBA, CIM

Mark Nichol, BBA, CIM

Investment Advisor, HollisWealth, a division of Industrial Alliance Securities Inc.

I have been an Investment Advisor for 22 years. My father’s military career brought my family to the Comox Valley in the 1970’s.  Like many of the other individuals living here, I had a positive experience growing up in this environment. After completing an undergraduate degree in Business  Administration in 1985 at Acadia University in Nova Scotia, I moved to Ottawa where I started my family and worked in management for various companies.In 1994, I began my career as a Financial Advisor, bringing my young family with me from Ottawa. My two sons and daughter are now grown up and continue to make me proud of their accomplishments.

In my practice, I follow a process to uncover issues and matters related to finance and will interconnect solutions to ensure my clients receive planning advice that is seamless, beneficial and flexible. As a Certified Investment Manager, I strongly believe that your money saved both for living as well as for retirement, including a smooth transition towards your beneficiaries, is the reason why everyone should choose a professional investment advisor. Recently, I have furthered education for myself by concentrating on areas of Estate and Tax planning. I feel that there is a gap in the fundamental knowledge of executor responsibilities and that a personal education on this topic adds value to my client relations. Further, I endeavor to reduce your overall cost of investing to ensure that you are getting not only great service but value for a relationship that is very personal.



“For the past few years, we have had the good fortune to have met and dealt with Mark Nichol at Infinity Wealth. Mark has been courteous, friendly, very knowledgeable and willing to sit with us and advise us anytime we felt the need. He has also been stellar in calling and keeping us up to date on how our portfolio and the market are doing. His vast knowledge of the investment world has helped us a lot, and we have done very well. I would recommend Mark as a wealth manager for anyone!”

– Barry B


“Mark, thank you so much for you info and continued tracking of my investment. I must add that you have provided the best service I have received to date. I will gladly refer people to you if opportunity presents. “

– Mary K


“Thank you Mark for all you’ve helped us through all the years. I thank Jesus He has given us an honest to goodness man who is so good to our little family.”

– Celeste B.


“I have found that Mark Nichol is very approachable, very knowledgeable and current on investments. He is also very reliable.”

– Eric F.


“Mark Nichol has been our trusted financial advisor for quite a few years now, starting after his father passed away. Mark looks after our financial portfolio very well, always keeping us abreast of what is happening. We feel we can talk to Mark anytime and always feel welcome.”

– Lorne W.


“Well, 2017 is here and I am looking backwards in my rear view mirror to review my 2016 financial year. It was full of changes! It takes “change” (and a little bit of courage) to push us away from our comfort zone into the world of the unknown. Sometimes we just keep doing what we were always doing. But we don’t like the results.

Because of dissatisfaction over the past years results with my former broker of 15 years, I brought change into my finance world by abandoning the broker’s “style” of investing my money and I dove right into the world of comfort & learning by leaning on my new broker Mark Nichol. He listened to my frustrations of why the account was not earning higher dividends & growth and he created a plan, unique to me, to show what could be modified to turn those negative results into positive ones. After 6 months he showed me with results that he wasn’t just talking and keeping his fingers crossed that all would work out. He nudged me into investments that helped to REBALANCE my portfolio that have definitely earned some healthy gains. Taking more money from my investments to “enjoy it” and do new things I had wanted to do for a while, was also a goal that he achieved for me. Previously I was advised to save, save, save for same rainy days. Well my rainy day fund was there and it was so reassuring to withdraw some funds and yet still see the portfolio have growth. Spending and growth in the same year – it became easier to trust the new broker.

Mark is very adept with his numbers, has a keen insight into the other side of finance – the whole tax issues of buying & selling and what best for you, and is creative researcher in the stock world. Mark doesn’t just talk you into something that doesn’t fir in your portfolio. He thinks about your risk tolerance & tax position $ he listens and cares about what you the investor needs.

Looking for a change in your investments with someone who truly does care, then give Mark a call. e will review your portfolio and help take the anxiety of your investing worlds. I bravely took the leap and the results in my portfolio make me feel I am in such good hands.”

– Marlene D.


“I have been a client of Roy and Mark for 10 years, during this time I have pursued a variety of careers across Alberta and British Columbia. Both Mark and Roy have actively engaged me in all aspects of my investments providing very timely and dependable advice. As I begin my transition into retirement I look forward to continuing and enjoying this excellent relationship.”

– Peter E.


“I was speaking with a friend the other day and during the financial benefits portion of her efforts you became a topic of our discussion, as I told her how pleased I have been with our business relationship, and to say nothing of your brilliance in the financial field would have been criminal.”

– Robin H.

Character Reference

“I would like to say thank you for helping me with my family financials, estate planning and insurance requirements over the years. Our paths first crossed when you being a Grade 8 student, entered the doors of a local middle school. at that school, the staff watched as you increased your like skills with your intellect, woodwork, and sports. At first you found joy and success as a field person with javelin, discus, shot and long jump, and then moved on to volleyball and basketball as well. Grade 10 saw you leave the valley for a sunnier climate. You were missed. Years (a few!) later when I was at T-ball with my first grandson I remember the hand you placed on my shoulder and your kind words. I was touched that you remembered me from here. Our lives intertwined as we started with my stock portfolio. With the success of this, it brought many benefits to our family. I provided many of the material things of our lives, from a new diesel truck every 4 years, a car for my wife as well as cars for our grandchildren as they went through post-secondary education, i.e. paramedics, UVIC and nursing. The other events is the meeting of new people – your receptionists, from Jill, to Erica, to Michelle and finally Kelly. Upon entering your door, the most enjoyable greeting and smile was always encouraging, and I can’t begin to tell you how I admire the way you run your office. Our friendship has grown over the years of fish talk, life adventures, football, baseball, (GO BLUE JAYS GO!) can only make life more pleasant. Your guidance in our family life is also greatly appreciated. Stocks, financial planning, insurance (Roy) for our grandchildren and state care have all been put in place with your help. The last of my great birthdays was though you. it was very memorable with the friends that gather to help celebrate year number 80. Finally Mark, from us and our family WELL DONE! We all appreciate the years of great friendship.”

– William E.