If there is one thing that categorically, most people do not like to talk about, it is about end of life. However, Estate planning is one of the most crucial parts to your overall financial plan, as well as being one of the most beneficial and kind things you can do for your loved ones.

Pre-planning for your funeral is important, and that is why we have a funeral planning guide to offer to all clients and prospective clients. This guide is a short and simple walk through of funeral services, frequently asked questions, and advice. It contains a variety of advertisements for local agencies that can help you. In this booklet as well are a few pages for you to fill in about yourself, so that you can leave the book with the rest of your important documents in the event that your end of life preparations come to pass.

Toneff’s Funeral Services, located in the same mall as our office, has put together this great guide that is free of cost. If you would like a copy, please come into our office, or contact us to arrange for it to be sent to you.

Are you interested in adding Estate planning to your overall plan? Let us help you.