Fidelity Investments is offering a chance to take part on their contest to top-up your TFSA for this year!

Click on this link to enter a draw with Fidelity to win a $7000 contribution to your TFSA.

Please read and understand that this opportunity is provided by Fidelity and not iA Private Wealth. Before entering your name, you should have read and understood that this is a marketing campaign and will provide Fidelity Mutual Funds Canada your email address to deliver marketing information that you may opt out of if the information is not wanted.

The contest runs from February 5, 2024 until March 28, 2024.

If you would like to learn more about TFSA please call our office and we will book an appointment to go over the benefits, limits, and purpose of the TFSA which has been around as an alternative registered plan since 2009.


Good Luck!