Available Investment Definitions

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ETFs are exchange-traded funds which are unalike mutual funds in that they trade like stock on the market. They may track a commodity, bonds or assets like index funds.


Bonds are unique investments that allow you to lend money directly to the issuer at a certain rate.


Guaranteed income certificates, or GICs, are a secure investment which guarantees the return of your entire investment, plus interest at a pre-determined, marginal rate. GICs are low risk investments that may have earned their place in your portfolio. There is a wide range of GICs from many different providers that we can recommend, giving us the edge in finding the best rate for your chosen term.


Stocks are capital raised by businesses and corporation through the issue of shares, which are then purchased by the public. The valuations of these shares determines the market price for that day. Mark and Dave are both certified to trade stocks on and off the market. If you wish to purchase stock in your account, your advisor will make suggestions based on the type of investments you would like to make and match that to your tolerated risk preference. Mark and Dave are constantly keeping up to date on current market conditions to ensure that their clients are as safe as possible from volatility, and to keep an eye on current market trends and hot trades.

Mutual funds

Mutual funds are professionally managed holdings in diversified assets which is funded by shareholders. Recent client relationship rules from regulating bodies have ensured that any mutual fund transactions are completely transparent, and that any (management expense ratio) MERs are fully disclosed to the client, as well as the commission schedule. The commission schedule that is right for you might depend, and your advisor will work with you to determine the best type of fund for your goals. Because we are an independent firm, we have the ability to invest in a very large variety of funds, allowing for a large diversification within our client’s accounts and for the best environment to grow your money.