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Our work is our legacy to our clients and our community. With diligence and integrity we encourage, educate, and employ tried and tested processes of financial wealth planning. Our goal is to action your goals.


Our commitment to our clients stems from a belief in active management, where your finances are invested prudently, but wisely, in order to protect your assets and see you comfortably into retirement. Your financial future is important, and the breadth of tools we have at our disposal for you will ensure that your expected retirement comes to fruition.


Choosing to work with an advisor at Infinity Wealth means choosing someone who knows about family and the commitment we all have to our loved ones. Many important financial decisions that you will have to make will be centered upon your family. Our advisors recognize the importance that your family has on your overall financial plan.


Confidence in your advisor is crucial to having confidence in your investments and with your financial plan. Our advisors are fully certified, and are continuously taking on more education and more courses to serve you better. We offer you quality professionals who act with your best interests in mind, so that you can feel comfortable knowing that your nest egg is taken care of.


Growing a business? Our diverse selection of investment opportunities and account types means that we can handle just about anyone’s money. We understand the tax implications of owning a corporation and investing with a business account, and will help you minimize your tax burden, while growing your liquid business assets.

Your financial goals are the most important part of your financial plan. Planning for different goals and events is one way to ensure that your investments are successful and right for you. We have many tools and options available for you to help build your overall financial plan. Whether it is building your overall market value, creating a financial plan, insurance, or Estate matters, our representatives are here to help you. Try Dynamic Snapshots, for ideas of the different life events that will come your way, or visit us in our office to obtain a copy of the Funeral Guide to help you through the difficult task of planning for end of life.

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To help you reach your goals.

For financial freedom in retirement, for your family, for peace of mind.

Your goals in mind.

The importance of a thorough financial plan, with your future goals in mind.

We know your retirement is important, and the bulk of your savings are intended to keep your comfortable once you reach your golden years. We also realize, that for many people, family is important, too. This is why we offer a range of account types, products and services. If it is a spouse you are looking to protect, we have spousal accounts. For children and grandchildren we offer individual and family RESP plans with access to full government grants. Have a disabled dependent? We also offer RDSP plans to help finance their future should something happen to you.

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And for business, too!

Have a business with liquid assets that you are trying to grow? We can handle your corporate accounts.

Your business is important to you, and it is important to us, also. We offer non-individual accounts for corporations, sole proprietors, and even charities and entities! Interested in growing your business assets? Our advisors have worked with non-individual accounts and even run our own businesses in the past. We know how important investing for business can be.

Who Are We?

We are Independent Financial Advisors with over 60 years of combined experience in wealth management.

Mark Nichol
Investment Advisor
HollisWealth®, a division of Industrial Alliance Securities Inc.

Roy Collings
Investment Advisor
HollisWealth®, a division of Industrial Alliance Securities Inc.
Insurance Agent
HollisWealth Insurance Agency

David Storrie
Investment Advisor
HollisWealth®, a division of Industrial Alliance Securities Inc.

Spending and growth in the same year - it became easier to trust the new broker.

“Taking more money from my investments to “enjoy it” and do new things I had wanted to do for a while, was also a goal that he achieved for me. Previously I was advised to save, save, save for same rainy days. Well my rainy day fund was there and it was so reassuring to withdraw some funds and yet still see the portfolio have growth. Spending and growth in the same year – it became easier to trust Mark as my new broker.”

– Marlene D.

I would recommend Mark as a wealth manager for anyone.

“For the past few years, we have had the good fortune to have met and dealt with Mark Nichol at Infinity Wealth. Mark has been courteous, friendly, very knowledgeable and willing to sit with us and advise us anytime we felt the need. He has also been stellar in calling and keeping us up to date on how our portfolio and the market are doing. His vast knowledge of the investment world has helped us a lot, and we have done very well. I would recommend Mark as a wealth manager for anyone.”

– Barry B.

Roy took care of me as if I was his richest client.

“I’ve been a client of Roy Collings at HollisWealth for close to 20 years. My husband and both of my sons saw the incredible care and attention that Roy has taken with my account, and they have also moved their money over to Roy. Even though I only started out with a very minimum amount of money, Roy took care of me as if I was his richest client! We’re all incredibly happy with how he’s handled our investments over the years, and would recommend him to anyone. Thanks Roy and HollisWealth!”

– Linda M.

Dave has always invested well for us.

“Dave Storrie has been our investor over the last decade or so. He has always offered us good advice and has invested well for us. We highly recommend him to our friends and associates.”

– Margo S.

He listens to my concerns and my financial requirements.

Roy Collings has looked after my investments for more than 10 years.  Before I met him my experience with Financial Advisors had been less than pleasurable.  My portfolio was switched from agent to agent within a large company – and I was never contacted or invited to meet my new agent.  In fact I was never phoned or contacted unless I initiated a call…..until I decided to move my account.  Then I was hounded for a while. I moved my portfolio to Roy on the recommendation of a friend and I was impressed immediately with his manner of communication and his insistence that I discuss my file with him on at least a quarterly basis.  In fact, we meet much more frequently.  He keeps me informed of market changes and recommendations with regards to my funds.  He listens to my concerns and my financial requirements.”

– Heather H.

I look forward to continuing and enjoying this excellent relationship.

“I have been a client of Roy and Mark for 10 years, during this time I have pursued a variety of careers across Alberta and British Columbia. Both Mark and Roy have actively engaged me in all aspects of my investments providing very timely and dependable advice.
As I begin my transition into retirement I look forward to continuing and enjoying this excellent relationship.

– Peter E.

We feel we can talk to Mark anytime and always feel welcome.

“Mark Nichol has been our trusted financial advisor for quite a few years now, starting after his father passed away. Mark looks after our financial portfolio very well, always keeping us abreast of what is happening. We feel we can talk to Mark anytime and always feel welcome.

– Lorne W.

He is very reliable.

“I have found that Mark Nichol is very approachable, very knowledgeable and current on investments. He is also very reliable.

– Eric F.

I appreciate that Roy explains financial terms and procedures in a way that I can understand.

“I met Roy Collings in the year 2006 and he has been  my financial advisor for the past 10 years. I quickly realized that he is skilled in his field and that I could trust him to handle all my financial investments. Roy set up and manages my portfolio in accordance to my needs. I came to him with only a few financial resources but over the years he has built my financial portfolio up to a level such that now I can withdraw a monthly wage that keeps me living comfortably.

I especially appreciate that Roy explains financial terms and procedures in a way that I can understand. He is always up front and honest about the workings of the accounts. Another point that I think is very important is that once a month we have a meeting  so we can review  my investment funds and do any investment changes that may be needed. I appreciate Roy’s dedication and skills and will keep him as my financial advisor and in charge of my financial future for as long as he will do this work for me.”

– Verna-Gean

Our Services

For an in-depth explanation of the services we offer, please view the Services page, or contact an advisor commitment-free by email or phone. More details about the products listed below can be found in our FAQ, definitions page or the blog.

  •  Investment Accounts
  •  RRSP, TFSA Accounts
  •  Stocks
  •  Mutual Funds
  •  GICs
  • Insurance
  • Estate Planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Tax Planning and Preparation
  • Bonds & EFTs

The Blog

Here is what some of our advisors have to say on current events and other relevant financial topics.

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Professional Approach

Many firms out there can offer you financial advice and investment opportunities. However, our process is a streamlined one that includes many facets of financial wealth opportunities. These opportunities are all offered under the Industrial Alliance Securities Inc. (iA Securities) umbrella, so that your assets, your financial plans, insurance, Estate wishes and important documents are all held in one place. At Infinity Wealth, the promise that we offer you is a complete and smooth process from start to finish, centered upon financial wealth and investment opportunities.